What Is Boudoir Photography?

Boudoir Photography is a style of portrait photography that is sensual or sexually suggestive photos of women and sometimes men in a “boudoir style” or in a bed room setting. Boudoir is a French word meaning a woman’s private bedroom or an intimate setting. The boudoir images are captured in your private bedroom, a hotel suite or a somewhere that creates an intimate setting for sexy and sensual images. Boudoir photography can include a variation of candid and posed photographs where you are either partially clothed in lingerie or some other sensual wear. Boudoir photos are a unique gift for your someone special! Whether it be a bridal gift to your new husband, a sneak peak for your boyfriend, or an Anniversary, Birthday, or Valentines gift. I assure you boudoir images can remind your special someone just how sexy you are.

Boudoir Photo Sessions are about you and is an expression of your own special beauty and sensuality. It is also about the experience and how it can make you feel about yourself. The photography session can be very empowering and FUN while preserving your experience for years to come. As your private photographer, my goal is to capture your unique beauty. It has become popular for women to treat themselves with this experience after a milestone achievement such as weight loss, celebrating a milestone birthday, or recovering from an illness or even divorce. Brides to be love to give the photo album to their soon to be husband on their wedding day. Contact me today to schedule your private photography session (704) 287-7774 or send me an email.

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